About us

MAHAONION is joint venture between the National Agricultural Marketing Federation of India (Nafed) and Maha Farmers Producer Co. Ltd. (MahaFPC). MahaOnion, has announced the launch of India's first onion storage and marketing infrastructure through the public-private-partnership (PPP) model. On the background of present Agriculture Marketing Reforms in the country, MAHAFPC which is consortium of 400 farmer producer companies in the state of Maharashtra had developed Onion storage and marketing infrastructure through 25 parter FPCs with joint partnership with NAFED. This project has direct ownership of 2500 farmers and will benefit 25000 onion producers through interstate trade, linkages with corporate buyers, retail chains etc. These facilities will acts as alternative marketing channel for the farmers wherein artificial intelligence will be used for backward linkages and electronic platform for marketing etc. This is first of such kind of project wherein warehousing and marketing facilities for perishable commodities has been developed in PPP mode.


Maha-Onion is the Joint venture initiative between Maha Farmers Prodcuer Company Limited Pune (MAHAFPC) and National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India Ltd.(NAFED).

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