Agriculture Students Industrial Attachment Program 2021

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Maharashtra is leading state in production of agricultural and horticultural crops. It has eight agro climatic zones, thus wide variety crops are produced in the state. It has international port such as Mumbai which is strategically located for trade operations with gulf, Europe and African countries. State is also leading in agro based industries and service industries. However, only 16 % land of the state is under irrigation and have unfortunate history of highest farmer`s suicide in the country. The golden lining of the whatever success achieved in Maharashtra in agricultural sector is due to strong movement of cooperatives in the last five decades viz, Suger cooperatives, milk cooperatives, cooperative banks and primary credit cooperatives.
Undoubtedly, the cooperation is the important principal for agricultural development in Maharashtra. Thus, the next generations cooperatives i.e. Farmer Producer Organizations is future for the development of agriculture in the state. Accordingly, more than 2000 FPOs has been registered in the state, promoted under various government and private initiatives. These FPOs are majorly working in the post-harvest management and employing different innovative solutions for the present agricultural problems. As these are farmers institutions working at village levels are harboring pandora of opportunities for agricultural entrepreneurs.
Maha Farmers Producer Company Limited is the federations of 550+ FPCs from the state and majorly working in the area of agri produce marketing, policy advocacy, agri infrastructural development and consultancy.
About the Program:
The Fifth Deans' Committee has recommended new initiatives for aligning Indian agriculture curricula with the current national needs and initiatives and with international trends.In compliance with the Student READY (Rural and Entrepreneurship Awareness Development Yojana) programme launched by the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India on 25th July, 2015, the Industrial Attachment components is proposed for students of the 7th Semester of Agricultural Universities of Maharashtra where MANAGE, Hyderabad will be playing catalyst role and the member shareholder Farmers Producer Companies of MAHAFPC would be the industry attachment centers.


1. To expose the students to industrial environment, which cannot be simulated in the university. 
2. To familiarize the students with various materials, machines, processes, products and their applications along with relevant aspects of FPOs management.
3. To make the students understand the psychology of the farmers (suppliers), workers, and approach to problems along with the practices followed at FPOs.
4. To make the students understand the scope, functions and job responsibility-ties in various departments of FPOs.
5. Exposure to various aspects of entrepreneurship during the programme period.
6. Formation, hand holding and promotion of FPOs in the allotted area.
The program would be additionally adopted for market led extension program targeting kharip season of 2021 with target of 500000 MT of commodity trading.
Under Industrial attachment Program for 7th semester students could be the need-based intervention for the FPCs movement. It will surely provide great opportunity to fulfill the objectives envisaged for these students.


Maha-Onion is the Joint venture initiative between Maha Farmers Prodcuer Company Limited Pune (MAHAFPC) and National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India Ltd.(NAFED).

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